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​​This is what happens when the globalists want to break down all the world’s national borders for their one world utopia (But, people are waking up)… Racism is -not- about skin color or nationality, but about family. The question is - what spiritual family do we want to be part of that erases all physical blood lines? presents the facts in order to answer that question. That is the journey we must all take and start it immediately now. Feelings and opinions are left behind to drown in a sea of panic. Scott Se-panek (Can we see?) Sent with love for the Truth.  Share site with others absolutely and immediately today -right now- - The global modern day Titanic is sinking.

We conduct spiritual business daily. We, (the few of us around compared to the masses) have left all and follow the Truth in the wilderness. While the masses thrive in their hallowed institutions aligned with a religious veneer, the few are ignored, ridiculed, and even hated.


April 2018​

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