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April 2018​

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We conduct spiritual business daily. We, (the few of us around compared to the masses) have left all and follow the Truth in the wilderness. While the masses thrive in their hallowed institutions aligned with a religious veneer, the few are ignored, ridiculed, and even hated.

The meaning of hate and love and why the world has a problem which is not the meaning but the definition.

Whereas meaning essentially means something that is conveyed in the message and, definition is usually rendered as a concise explanation and clarity of outline.

A massive understatement would be the hypocritical context in which people hate those who they themselves are the very ones most guilty of. Much like the accusatory cheating spouse who accuses the other of infidelity when it is -they- who commit the very act.

All hatred means is to strongly dislike. By definition, the people who hate the most are the ones who accuse the most when they themselves are the guilty parties.

Their feelings are not facts.

In the end, it’s the facts that will stand the test of time, not feelings, not the chemical produced in the brain that produces dopamine that gives pleasure. Just because a person “feels” strongly and is “sincere” about their feelings, does not validate their virtual reality. In fact, they are living in a reality “distortion” and ultimately, it is a distortion of the facts.

Oddly enough, when confronted with the facts, most Social Justice Warrior Zombies (SJWZ’s) will “zone out” and revert back to their emotional mantra of automaton myopics rendering them unable to think.

In the end for them it’s all about their feelings not knowing the facts and becoming highly irate and emotional because others don’t live in their emotionally charged myopic reality zone. They then try to "anger bait" their opponent to lure them into their hive mentality.  To them, they feel that emotion breeds more emotion with strength in numbers and much like a forrest fire, it takes on a vicious life of its own. BLM is a perfect example of this dynamic except that now, they have been infiltrated by sinister radical forces.

We love what the Bible has to say in Amos 5:15 -

“Hate the evil, and love the good, and establish judgment in the gate…”

To a true progressive liberal, there is no “judgement in the gate”, because they rationalize that their emotions trump judgement.

Until that is that judgement “trumps” their emotions…

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My name is Scott Sepanek