April 2018​

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We conduct spiritual business daily. We, (the few of us around compared to the masses) have left all and follow the Truth in the wilderness. While the masses thrive in their hallowed institutions aligned with a religious veneer, the few are ignored, ridiculed, and even hated.

​Please do something. I’ve already counted the cost. You know what the cost is - it’s your life. God gave us the gift of life. Now it’s up to us with our lives to give back that gift of life with gain, profit, increase; not in the eyes of the world following our feel good feelings but how we used our faith following the actual real truth that gives supernatural blessing - turning death into victory, pain into joy, loss into eternal gain where time is no more. Where there is peace without decay, love without fear, communication without deception, giving without control, and meaning without confusion.
Just remember - All we are here are spiritual beings having a physical experience. These web sites and these messages prepare people to go back to their true homeland homecoming that awaits them where everyone knows everyone else. The journey begins now. 
If you’re timid that’s okay. Be a prayer warrior, be an email and website forwarder, be a networker, but be something. Do something. Don’t bury whatever talent you already have. You will not regret it. Do what you can and may God abundantly bless you just for helping to spread the remnant message once delivered 2000 years ago. We need you. The Truth needs you. I need you. And thank you. 
—Scott Sepanek